Why we bought the brand.

I confess to having been asked several times-why we would buy a building brand and relaunch it at a time when the industry is possibly at one of its lowest ebbs.

My response, is always quite impassioned.

First and foremost, we are quite confident that the industry will rebound in the near to medium term.

The rebound will certainly not be to the same levels that were experienced during the Western Australian resources boom, but to more sensible and sustainable levels that will see the best builders return to healthy work volumes.

Already, the resources sector is showing positive signs of recovery this together with some other significant mega projects that should be given the green light, in the short term will propel our sector.

Additionally, I believe that there will be structural and transformational changes in the industry which will see opportunities for those who are prepared.

Secondly, there is a family history in building, it runs in our blood. My father Frank Amara was a custom home builder in the 60’s and 70’s and it was the reason why I decided to study civil engineering and embark on a career in construction which now spans close to 40 years.

It was during my formative years of working for my father on his building sites that I first came across Collier Homes.

What I saw and what always stayed with me, was a well organised and proud builder that clearly had a professional ethic.

Having recently had the opportunity to speak to a Ossie Simmonds, who was a close colleague of the founder of Collier Homes, the late Mr Ray McCarthy, this comes as no surprise given the founders strong values.

The “Collier Homes” brand to me consequently has always represented a bit of an institution and a benchmark in the building industry-like a couple of other old brands that also continue to this day.

So when the opportunity presented itself to acquire the brand we moved quickly and decisively-this is my third reason.

My fourth reason, is that I have sons who have already cut their teeth, quite independently in building, construction and property, with one son Alberto already leading the business-and doing quite well at it.

There you have it, my four reasons why we purchased the brand.

I have to say that I am very proud that we are now into the third generation of a family tradition and also have some visibility to the fourth generation!

Our vision is to become a pre-eminent quality custom home builder, developer and innovator.

I am also very satisfied that our clients have selected us because of who we are and that the homes that we have under construction or about to commence, underscore that we are on track.

I have observed over the years that great brands have resilience for a reason, Collier Homes is such a brand, in addition it is now proudly family owned and Western Australian.

Author: Dario Amara

Dario Amara, is builder, civil engineer and patron of the arts. He has served as Chairman of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Chairman of the West Australian Opera Company and Chairman of Heritage Perth. 
He is the Owner and Chairman of Collier Homes (1959) Pty Ltd (collierhomes.com.au)

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